Airpods TEKA™ Earhook

Airpods TEKA™ Earhook

Stabilize your AirPods with a pair of Spigen TEKA™ Earhooks. Its simple andinnovative design keeps your AirPods comfortably anchored with hassle-freeapplication. TEKA™ Earhooks are made of premium silicone to ensure long-lastingcomfort and compatibility with all kinds of activities. Every box includes two sizes,regular and small, for you to choose the best fit. Eliminate the fear of losing yourAirPods with Spigen TEKA™ Earhooks!

•  Made of premium silicone for long-lasting comfort

•  Keeps your AirPods secure and anchored in your ear

•  Simple and innovative design keeps application/removal hassle-free

•  Durable and compatible for all kinds of activities

•  Includes two sizes, small and regular, for you to find the best fit

  • White | In stock
  • Black | In stock
  • Pink | In stock

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